About Us

Tatteeboy Clothes is a collection of some of the hottest and trendiest fashions from all across the world available to all on one convenient website.  The clothes you find on this site are 2-3 seasons ahead of any mainstream fashion store.  We continually are adding to our collection and new products are available on a weekly basis.  Right now, we only feature mens and unisex clothing, but stay tuned as we will be launching TatteeGirl very soon.

Tatteeboy was created in December of 2012 by James Tate.  He personally picks out each piece for the collection from designers and manufacturers from Japan, Korea, Turkey, and many parts of Europe.  The HQ for Tatteeboy is currently in Philadelphia, PA with a soon to be presence in both New York and Washington DC.

While only online currently, we will be seeking to open up a showroom here in the Philadelphia Metro Area.

Tatteboy clothes is also made up of two other team members who act as office managers, Troy Delong, and Brandon Gushue.

We also work with many fashion reps and models who help promote our brand on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.


TatteeBoy HQ

1333 N 16th st.  Unit 2

Philadelphia, PA 19121


For questions or inquiries, please Email first, at info@tatteeboy.com  

or call the office at 215-868-8598 during regular business hours only.  M-F 10am-6pm